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Feed your family with home-grown food

Things To Consider

garden tools

Essential Tools

The tools you need depend on the size of your space. Smaller spaces need less tools.



Choosing a fertilizer is an important step. Different vegetables need different nutrients.

companion planting

Companion Planting

By companion planting, you can grow more in the same space. And, by companion planting, you can reduce the need for fertilizers.

Canning what you grow.

Never waste your efforts. Canning is a great way to have nutritious food all year round. Preserve everything from preserves to vegetables and even meats. It is also a great way to pre-make soups, stews and sauces.


Should You Choose To Raise Animals?

Before considering raising animals, check the ordinances in your area. Then decide if you want chickens, goats, alpacas, or any other animal. Of course, the amount of space you have will dictate which animals to choose.

raise chickens


Whether you’re looking for seeds, fertilizer, animals or just have an inquiry…